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38 Weeks, Pt. 3

38 Weeks, Pt. 3 published on No Comments on 38 Weeks, Pt. 3

I didn’t know what preeclampsia or eclampsia was until I watched Downton Abbey. One of the audience favorite characters, Lady Sybil, dies from eclampsia shortly after giving birth to her child. Preeclampsia/eclampsia is a very serious pregnancy condition that can jeopardize the mother’s and/or baby’s lives. Gestational hypertension (high blood pressure while pregnant) is one possible indicator that can lead to preeclampsia which was why I was sent to L&D triage in the first place.

It may have been the suddenness of going to triage or the stress but I didn’t consider any of this when I was given the wristband. All I kept thinking was how inconvenient it was to wear this wristband long-term. It may have been my subconscious distracting me from the actual precariousness of my situation.

Here’s what my wristband looked like if you’re curious…and it was indeed waterproof!

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