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Core Day

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Pushing was like running intervals: when there was a contraction coming, you did high intensity pushing, then rest when the contraction subsided. High intensity for a minute or two, rest for 30 seconds or so. Rinse repeat for almost 4 hrs. in my case.

There were definitely thoughts during this physically demanding time.


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I’m alive! I was very burned out after I left my previous job in March. I ended up spending April recovering, which also meant I didn’t do much drawing that month. We’re now at the end of May, I’m settled in my new job, and I’m ready to conclude this pregnancy arc!

So here’s the beginning of the end. Thank you all for your patience!

L & D Nurse Life

L & D Nurse Life published on 2 Comments on L & D Nurse Life

It’s such a boon to have my mom, who’s a labor and delivery nurse, present for my son’s birth. It was like having my own doula. She was so helpful and friendly during my induction that the nurses at the hospital tried to recruit her by the end of my stay there!

*Quick Update* I’ll be on hiatus for a few weeks as I get some R & R before I start my next job and also prep for some exciting developments. More on the latter soon! Thanks for reading!

2 am Musings

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I could not sleep the night before the induction. My worries were spiraling out of control.

Earlier, my OB explained that since the placenta was causing my blood pressure to go up, they’d have to remove the placenta, which in turn, means the baby must come out. I imagined my body a leaking ship, riddled with various (health-related) holes. This maternal feeling of inadequacy already began before my baby was born.

Day Before Induction

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There was a lot to do the day before the induction (including a li’l retail therapy for myself). The day felt like a calm before the storm. I was most thankful that my mom was able to make it in time for my induction.

*Note: There’ll be no webcomic next week as I’m on vacation. Thanks for your understanding!*

Last Day of Work

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As a woman in a male dominated industry, I was wary of getting pregnant and having a family. The video game industry isn’t conducive for family life, with crunch, poor maternity/paternity leave, and layoffs. When I worked at V1 Interactive, it was the first time in career I felt comfortable with starting a family. The leadership and studio culture was inclusive and respected quality of life. About half the developers were parents so there was a lot of understanding if there were unexpected family emergencies.

Everyone at V1 was so supportive during my pregnancy. My boss/owner of the studio, Marcus, worked with me on V1’s maternity leave program (since I was the 1st person pregnant in the studio) which was 3 months off and then 2 months of ramping back into the office. It was generous for a game studio.

When I found out I had to unexpectedly have the baby that weekend, my co-workers rallied and told me to go home and relax, despite the fact I had some unfinished work I wanted to get done before maternity leave. I never thought I would ever have this much support at work, and I’m forever grateful for it.