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A Day in the Life of GD

A Day in the Life of GD published on No Comments on A Day in the Life of GD

Having gestational diabetes meant I had to test my glucose levels 4 times a day and record what I’ve eaten after every meal along with those blood sugar levels. Every time my blood sugar spiked, I worried if it was affecting the baby. The mom guilt was REAL. It was a hard third trimester.

Dietician Appointment

Dietician Appointment published on No Comments on Dietician Appointment

Now that I had gestational diabetes, I was required to meet with a dietician regularly (as if I didn’t have enough baby appointments to go to). I was reluctant to go, and it felt like I was meeting with a food parole officer. After overcoming the initial shock of the diagnosis, it gave me an opportunity to rethink my eating habits and perhaps, find some loopholes.

Blood Sacrifice

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I haaaated testing my blood sugar 4 times a day. I had to check it once when I wake up before I eat, then 1 hour after every meal (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). (I eventually learned that only amateurs lanced their fingertips. The real pros stick the sides of their fingers and then alternate fingers to avoid their fingertips, which are high traffic for everyday use.)

Regardless, it didn’t stop me from amusing myself every time I had to test my blood sugar.

The Philippines, Finale

The Philippines, Finale published on No Comments on The Philippines, Finale

This concludes our babymoon to the Philippines back in 2018. The Incheon airport was incredible. Aside from having a hotel within, it also housed a movie theater, and multiple food courts. You’d think you were at a mall instead of an airport! I also loved the seasonal events: they had a Christmas themed robot that greeted travelers as well as musical instrument performances. It was the perfect place for an 8 hour layover.

Some news: I’m going to take a break for a few weeks as work has been very busy. See you in a few, and thank you all for reading!

The Philippines, Part 4

The Philippines, Part 4 published on No Comments on The Philippines, Part 4

While we were in the Philippines, we took the ferry for a day trip to Bohol. I continued to be blown away by how considerate services in the Philippines were towards pregnant women and others who would need physical assistance. My mom joked that we were a “power couple”, and I completely agreed with all the lines we skipped!